TheĀ  Jamu massage starts its existence from the island of central java for treating the royal family. It merges all the medical practices of Chinese and Indians with a unique form of therapy. It will provide you body to get relief from all the pains and tensions after the birth of a baby. The word jamu signifies herbal remedies; it is not just the medical therapy but also having the herbal healing technique.

It combines the use of all the medicine and herbs with help of acupressure and massage therapy. This is the unique form of therapy that involves huge strokes and also the rolling motion. It helps to stimulate the flow of blood and balance the blood pressure. There is also use of all the herbal oils to energize the body and to fast cure of all the ailments.

Working Of The Therapy

The experience of jamu massage is rich, energizing and provide you soothing feeling. The process of therapy starts when you move into the salon where you will be greeted with good fragrances you will be asked to lie on the massage table. The first step of the therapy is giving the dry massage with help of the compressing techniques. There is well-defined sequence involved in each and every process followed by the rolling of skin.

After dry massage is over, you will get a massage with herbal oil. This oil is gently warmed having the mild smell and reduce pain from the body. Once the person is satisfied, the therapist applies the series of large strokes all over the body. This will help in better circulation of the blood and rejuvenate the skin. The massage is wind up by wringing strokes that will provide you ease and comfortable and reduce the level of stress.

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